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Muktha Natrajan Vice President of Alumni Relations


Major - Genetics, Ecology, and Biology
Intention - Ph.D. in Environmental Health Science
Research - I currently research Human Neural Stem Cells in Dr. Steven Stice's lab. Last year, I worked with primordial germ cells in the same lab, and over the summer, I researched invasive plant species in China.
Campus Activities - Advocating Safe Alternatives for Peers, Habitat for Humanity, Honors Program Student Council, Go Green Alliance, Stem Cell Journal Club, and Student Society for Stem Cell Research
Graduation Date - May 2011
Plans - I plan to get my Ph.D. and then pursue a research career, studying the effects of pollutants on the central nervous system. I intend to use discoveries from my research to write environmental policy through a government agency.

Fun fact - I love penguins so much that I dressed up as one for Halloween last year :D



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